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Deep Dives

Our monthly Deep Dives, led by Chris Shank and Nick May, focus on one specific topic relevant to running your business successfully. Like the name says, we dive deeper.

Most recent Deep Dive recording (Nov. 12)

Roadmap to Profit Open

Something brand new, Nick is going to start hosting a regular webinar. Tentative schedule is every other Wednesday starting on June 26th.

More details soon!

Roadmap Community

Have a question about a specific session, or maybe just need a space that's a little less solitary? Check out our community server!

Deep Dive Archive

Deep Dives are every bit as good as Roadmap sessions, so we've made sure to hold onto each and every one.

Waypoints Archive

Can't wait for the next Waypoint? Check out some of the older streams. There's a decent chance you'll find what you're looking for.

Roadmap Coaching

As a busy entrepreneur, it can be challenging to hold yourself accountable to complete these sessions, or to take these lessons and apply them directly to your business. What if you had your very own Nick May to work with and support you throughout the process?

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Damon R. Nagy

I can help you with any technical issues, and can generally offer assistance with access and how stuff works. Feel free to reach out with questions about Pro Painter Network or iMay Marketing as well.