Big Ideas Copy

Every session will provide a list of the Big Ideas that you can take away from the audio or video content. This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, so remember to take your own notes!

Painter’s Manual

Your Painter’s Manual should cover everything your brand new employee should know about your company, their position in the company, how their position relates to other positions in the company, procedures, resources. 

Sections should include:

  • Section 1: Company Overview.
  • Section 2: Policies
    • Job descriptions, role interactions, and pay ranges. 
  • Section 3: Procedures
    • Project management, clocking in, tracking time, painting methods, safety, and equipment care/tracking.
  • Section 4: Forms
    • Pre-work damage report, change orders. If these forms are available on your website, employees can have access to them 24/7. 

Owner’s Manual

The Owner’s Manual should be a comprehensive manual that, if you sold your business or franchised it, you could hand the manual over and someone would be able to know how to run the business.

Sections should include: 

  • Section 1: Company Overview (similar to Painter’s Manual)
  • Section 2: Policies (similar to Painter’s Manual)
  • Section 3: Procedures
    • Should include Sales and Office procedures, but exclude the project management procedures from the Painter’s Manual
  • Section 4: Reports
  • Section 5: Email Templates
    • Including estimate scheduling, virtual quotes, paid invoices
  • Section 6: Forms
    • Any not used by painters

All of your systems have to have checks and balances. “You have to inspect what you expect.”

Paying employees by production rate, or piece-rate, involves paying a team a percentage of a project’s profit. A team gets 25% of the project as base pay which cannot be lost. A 10% bonus can be earned on each project by following correct systems,including being on time, wearing a uniform, prepping ,and covering properly. Employees get the bonus about 98% of the time, and on occasion when the bonus is lost, usually only 2-6% is lost. Instances of lost bonuses usually involve damage of furniture. This pay schedule is outlined in the Walls By Design Painter’s Manual.