Big Ideas Copy

Every session will provide a list of the Big Ideas that you can take away from the audio or video content. This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, so remember to take your own notes!

The Performance-Based Pay system often works best with employees that have little to no experience. Employees who start at the bottom and work their way up, or who make more money with your company than they did at their last company, often end up more loyal to your company.

Prep Employees


  • $14/hr
  • Week one for all employees, regardless of experience
  • Requirements: early, on-time, great attitude, asks questions
  • Foundational knowledge from Painter’s Manual including taping, caulking, communication
  • Still in training


  • $15/hr
  • Week two
  • Great attitudes
  • Painting and rolling
  • Still in training


  • $16/hr
  • Weeks 3-8, depending on increasing speed and consisting
  • Mastering painting walls and starting to paint trim
  • Still in training


  • Performance-based pay with bonus opportunities
    • Only two people per project. Some teams are stacked on big projects, but they have designated areas.
    • 25% of gross sale of project goes to the team as a whole as base pay. This cannot be lost.
    • 10% of gross sale goes as a bonus to employees who follow all systems and process. If one does not follow protocol, both suffer a loss.
    • Total Pool is 35%
    • Lead Painter gets 60% of the Pool, and P4 gets 40% of the Pool.
  • Ceiling-line cut-ins, trim, and doors

Lead Employees


  • Performance-based pay, L1 gets 100% of Pool when working by themselves
  • Trained on all painting, including walls, ceiling, and trim
  • Learning to manage small, solo projects
  • A couple of rooms solo with a larger team
  • $100 for every 5-Star Google Review, no limit
  • Production goal bonuses: $50 for projects over $7,000, $100 over $8,000, $200 over $9,000, $300 over $10,000.


  • Performance-based pay, L2 gets 60% of Pool, but they benefit by splitting up job duties with P4
  • Paired up with a trained Prep, which is a P4
  • Learning to manage someone on a project
  • Receiving training on larger projects
  • Demonstration of successful projects, positive feedback from customers, and successful management of P4
  • Google Review bonus
  • Production Goal bonus


  • Performance-based pay, 60% when paired with P4, but with trainees they don’t have to split money since P1 or P2 aren’t getting performance pay – free labor and 100% of Pool.
  • Qualified to train other painters
  • Most painters will reside at this level for the longest
  • Sustained, positive feedback from customers over a period of time
  • Google Review bonus
  • Production Goal bonus


  • Performance-based pay, 100% when solo, 60% with P4, 50% with other L4
  • Trained on how to paint cabinets
  • Able to use and leverage equipment
  • Google Review bonus
  • Production Goal bonus