Big Ideas Copy

Every session will provide a list of the Big Ideas that you can take away from the audio or video content. This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, so remember to take your own notes!

Forms for Lead Painters and Project Managers:

  • Daily report – allows teams to communicate back to office on a daily basis about project completion projection. Mandatory. 
  • Payroll correction – for payroll problems
  • Supply order – will receive supply directly into their trailers
  • Project walkthrough – with customer to document, receive manager/customer signature, provide copies, payment options
  • Project completion – crew leader completes, # of helpers, invoice #, walkthrough complete
  • Test day – hiring process, evaluation for 1-day test employees, filled out by the lead at the end of the day, punctuality, ability, focus, attitude
  • Pre-work damage report – documented damage that is signed by customer and lead, and copied for customer and office, uses pictures
  • Project checklist – project details with homeowner, completed at project review meeting, a week prior to painting, start time requirements, furniture to be moved, date to be completed, working with other trades, bathrooms to be used
  • Project review – completed at project review meeting, a week prior to painting, selecting colors, color approval, signed and copied
  • Paint store order – only a few employees authorized to make purchases
  • Employee incident – most used for clean-up issues
  • Spot walkthrough – filled out by project manager, evaluation of prep quality, report on work, feedback
  • Warranty work order – if you have to go back and fix something under warranty
  • Logistics completion form – what trailer was moved, where, payment
  • Carpentry
  • Color appointment – saved in Estimate Rocket
  • Estimate appointment – saved in Estimate Rocket
  • Change order – for any new work requests after a project has been initiated
  • Schedule a free estimate – based on zip code, uses a calendar of appointments
  • Virtual quote – for homeowners to get online/remote estimate, filled out by homeowner

The intake form is perhaps the only form that is not found online. This is because intake is best recorded on a notepad during a phone call. 

Most painting contractors do not thoroughly document their processes, and they have more problems as a result.