Big Ideas Copy

Every session will provide a list of the Big Ideas that you can take away from the audio or video content. This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, so remember to take your own notes!

Most painting contractors don’t offer sales presentations at homes. They merely show up to an estimate and deliver numbers. If you want to separate yourself from the number-givers, you’ll want to brush up on your sales presentation.


  • Make it easy
  • Make it informative
  • Make it automatic (online scheduling if possible)
  • Make it fast

Steps in the Sales Presentation:

  • Online appointment scheduled with calendar/ or a phone call
  • Lead intake is filled out
  • Follow-up email sent to appointee with all info
  • Confirming call/text day before the appointment
  • Show up to the appointment 10 mins early in proper attire
  • Relate through pleasantries small talk
  • Walk the homeowner into the kitchen. This is the ‘Kitchen Talk’ where you talk about:
    • your company
    • your USPs
    • project scheduling process
    • painting process (compare/contrast with other painters)
    • your marketing book with picture
  • House walkthrough, taking dimensions
  • Final review of numbers for bid
  • Estimate will be back end of day the following day
  • To move forward, they will need to respond and schedule
  • Someone will follow up within a day from the office