Big Ideas Copy

Every session will provide a list of the Big Ideas that you can take away from the audio or video content. This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, so remember to take your own notes!

SEO is troubling for new contractors to tackle because of its complexity.

You have to know your market, and understand what people are searching for.

To rank high, each of your website pages has to have:

  • A targeted phrase
  • A lot of diverse content
  • Broadly shared content
  • High performance functionality
  • Updated content
  • Consistency

Search for good content on the web, and see what’s working. Try writing content in a similar way.

Google Ads allows you to add a personal message in the headline.

Two types of adwords campaigns

Search campaign

  • Keep search area limited
  • Do NOT select option for people “interested”
  • Avoid broad-match keywords – enter keywords as phrase or exact match
  • Create as many ads as possible for a/b testing to see what gets better results
  • You need to have a great landing page to make this successful

Display campaign

  • These are ads that show up when browsing websites or social media
  • Best to use with people who’ve already engaged with your website
  • Avoid advertising on mobile games
  • People will see your ad for 30 days after they visit your website
  • Very inexpensive