Skill Set Copy

Included in every session will be one or more Skill Set exercises to help you engage with the Big Ideas presented. While this is optional, don’t cheat yourself and move through the Roadmap without applying the concepts you’re learning! Challenge yourself to complete every Skill Set activity and see what changes in your business as a result. We promise good things will happen.

Find a few volunteers to sit through some practice sales presentations to help you hone your sales skills. Target the “kitchen talk” and delivery of your USPs. Consider creating a survey to give to a few customers after your sales presentation to give you feedback. You may want to offer a small discount if they fill out the survey.

Begin your practice sales presentation from the moment you ask the customer if you can set your stuff down on the kitchen table. Cover your USPs and any value propositions that define your company’s services.

Talking points/signals:

Kitchen Talk:

  • your company
  • your USPs
  • project scheduling process
  • painting process (compare/contrast with other painters)
  • your marketing book with picture

House walkthrough, taking dimensions

Final review of numbers for bid

  • Estimate will be back end of day the following day
  • To move forward, they will need to respond and schedule
  • Someone will follow up within a day from the office

Follow-up questions for listeners:

  • How did I do?
  • Was it friendly?
  • Was it simple to understand and succinct?
  • Did I offer to answer questions?
  • Did I keep the pace of the conversation moving along?
  • Did I provide clarity on why we’re different from the ‘others’?
  • Was it too long,or too short?
  • Were my USPs clear?
  • What did I do best?
  • What can I improve on?
  • Does it feel pushy in any area? Where at?