Skill Set Copy

Getting feedback about your website is crucial for you to understand what prospects are seeing and how they are engaging with your information. These exercises are designed to help you better understand what new, fresh eyes are seeing in your website that you are glossing over because it has become over-familiar.

User Experience

Identify five people to browse your website and give you a user report. The following types will help provide diversity of perspective and unbiased honesty. Let them know that you want to know pros AND cons…they need to be honest about their negative critiques so you can learn what needs to be corrected so you can make more money! Look for the following user types:

  • A family member
  • Two friends
  • A member of your leadership team
  • A past customer
  • Optional: business associates (exchange website reviews with your colleagues!)

Ask each user to use the incognito mode of their browser to avoid their search engine remembering their preferences and locations. It might help to have a couple people use desktop computers, and a couple people use mobile devices. If it helps to offer an incentive for completing the user report, by all means offer an incentive like a gift card or cash. Good data means more cash in your business! Ask all users to follow these rules:

  • Think of a painting service that you might want completed in your home
  • Go into the business website looking for information about this company for that service you wanted completed
  • Do exhaustive research on everything you would need to know, but don’t visit the pages you wouldn’t normally be interested in
  • Answer these questions as you go through:
    • Are you using a desktop computer or a mobile device?
    • What was your general impression of your visit?
    • What pages did you visit?
    • Did you find the information you were looking for?
    • Did all of the links and pages work like they were supposed to?
    • Was the design and layout appealing?
    • Was there enough content?
    • Was the flow of information logical? In other words, was navigation easy and intuitive, and did one thing flow naturally to the next thing you would have wanted to know?
    • What were your favorite parts of the website?
    • What were your least favorite parts of the website?
    • What 5-10 things need to change to capture more people like you?

Because these search criteria only ask test users to visit pages they’re interested in, ask one or two to go through ALL pages on your website and offer critique. You may need to pay someone to do this for you. 

Local Search Checker

Do you know what comes up first in search results in your area and in the areas around you? You can try a free local search results checker and see what your prospects are seeing to learn about to better position yourself among your competition. It’s better to know than not to know! Try it out for free here.

Google My Business

Have you set up your Google My Business account? It’s one of the best ways for your business to show up locally in searches. Learn more about how to set one up here.

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