Skill Set Copy

To get a better idea of what kind of website content ranks better in web searches, try the following exercise and answer some soul-searching questions to better understand your SEO needs. 

Type “painter in my area” or “house painter in my area” into a Google search. Skip the ads at the top of the search. Click on the highest ranking websites, and review the website pages to see what characteristics emerge. Compare common features from other high ranking websites, and compare content and verbiage. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the consistent pattern you’re seeing with all content?
  • What common words and phrases turn up a lot?
  • How would you rate the speed of the websites?
  • Are the web pages designed simply, and are they easy to navigate?
  • How much content is there? A lot or a little?
  • How many web pages are available for each website? 
  • How are the menus organized? Common menu headings?
  • Do they have blogs?
  • Consider the quality of pictures. Are there a lot of pictures? How are they positioned in the web pages?
  • Any other common features that emerge?

Try writing content that use some of the characteristics that those high ranking websites have in common. Think critically about where good content and good pictures can be hosted on your website. Do you need a redesign? Do you need to create a new taxonomy and organization of pages and menus?

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