Skill Set Copy

Do you have a strategic hiring process that you use to advertise, interview, hire, and train new employees? Use the process and questions below to create or refine your process and get feedback from your colleagues.

Position Description

The position description is NOT the job ad, although you will use this to build the job ad. This will include the entailments and responsibilities of the position stated in very simple terms that will serve as the team’s guide regarding what they can expect from this team member. Do not include personality type or idea candidate information in this description.

  • What are the main responsibilities of this position?
  • Who do they report to?
  • What team will they be a part of?
  • Salary and hours?

Ideal Candidate Profile

Sit with your team and think about the type of person that would be an ideal fit for the position description. This can be very informal and can include personality, interests, and teamwork style.

  • Personality?
  • Interests?
  • Motivators?
  • Teamwork style?

Creative Job Ad

Using both the position description and parts of the ideal candidate profile, build a job ad to attract the type of person you are looking for in your company. Get creative.

  • What kind of language would attract this person?
  • What does your company offer that they might find appealing?

Ad Agency

Select a job ad agency that fits your needs. Try it out and adjust as needed in a couple of weeks.

  • Have you or other contractors had success using this platform?
  • Are there other tools on the platform that might be useful in hiring ( has email templates, phone screening, etc.)
  • How many responses do you hope to get in the first week? Use this to determine when to try another job ad agency.

First Call

  • Will you have the candidate call you first?
  • What questions do you want to ask the candidate?
  • What character traits are you looking for on the call?
  • What creative questions can you ask that digs to the bottom of their experiences?
  • Let them know what to expect for the in-person interview: attire, preparation, conduct

In-person Interview

  • What creative questions can you ask that allows the candidate to relax and share a little about themselves? Ask ‘story’ questions that get them talking about their experiences.
  • Who do you want to introduce them to? 
  • Are there any tests you want them to take to gauge their painting skills?

Test Day

  • What tasks do you want them tested on?
  • What team members will they ideally be assigned to?
  • What guidelines and expectations do you want to prepare them with?
  • What questions do you want the team to answer about this employee?
  • Consider using Walls By Design’s Team Review questions as a template for your own:
    • On time
    • ‘Get Shit Done’ ability
    • Good attitude
    • Stays off phone
    • Teamwork
    • Asking about breaks
    • Overall rating
    • Desire as a teammate
    • Additional comments

First Week

  • What are you expecting for the new employee’s first week?
  • What tasks will they be completing?
  • Will they be training in the field or in the shop?
  • What is your review process?
  • How will you know if the employee was an ultimate fit or not?
  • Have you communicated the path of continued training to the new employee?
  • Remember to share expectations with each new employee so they know what to aim for!