Skill Set Copy

Practice Saying No

In the following examples, identify the correct response.

  1. Your company offers painting services for cabinets. Business is good, and you are currently hiring to keep up with production. The homeowner asks you if you are interested in staining their deck. You haven’t stained a deck in years.
    • “Sure, that’ll be $5,000”
    • “I’m not sure. Let me look at it.”
    • “I’m sorry, we don’t offer that type of work. But I have a colleague that is excellent at staining decks!”
  2. A customer asks if you can get an extra job done by the 15th, but you know full well you’re booked out until the 30th.
    • “I can, but it will cost you”
    • “I’d be happy to schedule with you after the 30th.”
    • “How about this weekend?”
  3. You’re on a $30k project, and a customer asks if you can just throw the laundry room in, or paint an extra door for free.
    • “I’d be happy to, for only a small additional fee.”
    • “Sure!”
    • “Why don’t I throw a few extra hallways while I’m at it?”
  4. You hate painting crown moulding, but you’re being asked to paint a formal dining hall with miles of…you guessed it…crown moulding.
    • “I have never wanted to do something so much in all my life. Can I pull all-nighters this week to complete it? I want to savor it.”
    • “Well, late me take a look.”
    • “I’m sorry. That’s not in my wheelhouse. But I know an expert painter who specializes in painting crown moulding!”
  5. A customer, whom you had a clash with during a past project that cost your company $1,500, calls you and asks to schedule an exterior painting project because they’re planning a big party. They’re willing to work with your schedule, and they want to pay whatever you’d like because “you’ve earned their trust.” You may have earned their trust, but you are very concerned that they’ll be combative again that may sour the relationship. You’re equally concerned about referring another good painter to them who could get burned.
    • “I’m not sure. Let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.”
    • “I’m not able to accept this project at this time. Thanks for your consideration.”
    • “I know a guy who’d be perfect for this job.”