Skill Set Copy

Included in every session will be one or more Skill Set exercises to help you engage with the Big Ideas presented. While this is optional, don’t cheat yourself and move through the Roadmap without applying the concepts you’re learning! Challenge yourself to complete every Skill Set activity and see what changes in your business as a result. We promise good things will happen.

View the Walls By Design job costing worksheet, or use a simple template like this one. Watch the Session 8 video on job costing again with the worksheet in front of you. Consider filling in the worksheet with some numbers from one of your projects to better understand the logistics of the worksheet. 

Keep in mind that for this session to be more helpful, you may need to come back to it after you review Session 14 on Performance-Based Pay.

Questions to help you dig in while you re-watch the session with the worksheet:

  • Is this a new process for you? If not, in which ways is your process different?
  • What did you learn?
  • Do you do anything differently from the Roadmap session in your routine job costing? 
  • What questions do you have that you need to consult with someone on?