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We provide simple, easy to understand, no-nonsense education designed to teach paint contractors business ownership and how to master it.  We believe in helping paint contractors pursue one simple goal, a better life, and that the best way to do it is through small business ownership. Our mission is to ensure they achieve that goal by guiding painters on how to start a company, generate profit, grow, and become successful.


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Roadmap to Profit was built with extensive input from the best professional painters in the industry and designed to simplify their proven methods into an easy step-by-step process for producing real results.

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Starting your own company can be as exciting as it is terrifying. Stop worrying and get Roadmap to Profit. Its a complete overview on everything you need to get started in paint contracting and making money today.

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Jump-start your paint contracting business with an infusion of leads and marketing. Learn all the tips you need before spending a single dime on ads or services. Find out how professionals use marketing, how its setup, and everything you need to start driving sales.

Over the last 21 years I’ve experienced all the ups and downs of business ownership. My first business, University Pro Painters, was practically built on mistakes. But after a failed partnership, I nearly lost it all. I was facing bankruptcy and potentially a lost marriage. Thankfully, we saved it from the brink, changed the name to Walls by Design, figured out how to build systems, learned how to effectively market, and we now have one of the best painting businesses in Denver, CO.

In 2016, I launched The Business Brush Group and The Business Brush Podcast, to help other painters avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that I made over the years. Shortly after, we started holding an event called Crank. The idea was to share my processes and systems I have learned and implemented at WBD so that younger and less-experienced painting contractors could start winning in their businesses faster.

I originally created Roadmap to Profit to better serve the painting community through an online and more expansive version of our popular Crank content. Content that has proven to help painting contractors learn how to create systems, build processes, understand their finances, and learn how to effectively market their painting business.

-Nick May, Founder of Roadmap to Profit

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