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Join Nick May, founder of Roadmap to Profit, for our recurring workshop on how to own and operate a successful paint contracting business. “Good Morning With Nick” is a free series of webinars that runs three times a week where we discuss important business topics and just about everything paint contracting including systems, hiring, marketing, sales, lead generation, tools, and more. Each in-depth seminar focuses on real world scenarios taken directly from Nick’s more than ten years of experience owning paint companies to help educate others in the industry on the processes, solutions, and resources they can use to improve their own business.

Workshop Sign-Up

Workshop Schedule

“Good Mornings With Nick” broadcast live each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of every week at 7:30PM Mountain Time (6:30PT/9:30EST). We reserve the right to make adjustments to the start time or cancellations if necessary but we try our best to avoid this.

100% Free Forever

“Good Morning With Nick” is not a service or a product and is free to anyone who wants to attend and if you like the content you’re seeing feel free to invite anyone you like. Good Morning With Nick exists for the purpose of helping painters live the life they love and learn more about their trade. The information we talk about is open to anyone interested in listening.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Audience participation during “Good Morning With Nick” isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged! Feel free to ask any questions you have or comment you can think of. Get involved with the other viewers and learn more while having a great time doing it. If it’s a particularly good question our founder Nick May might even read it out loud for everyone to comment on.